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Faculty News

Congratulations to the following Economics faculty for their accomplishments this year.

Nels Lind Received NSF Grant on Trade Research

lind-nelsNels Lind, Assistant Professor, received a NSF grant for a series of projects based on his recent research in trade and growth.

This research develops new models exploring important questions in international economics, such as the role of international technology transfer in the rise of superstar firms and concentration, the role of innovation and international spillover of ideas in determining technological change and country growth, and the role of correlated productivity in shaping economic policies.

Congratulations to Nels Lind!

Tao Zha Named a Fellow of the International Association for Applied Econometrics

Tao ZhaTao Zha, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor, was recently named a Fellow of the International Association for Applied Econometrics.

The aim of the Association is to advance the education of the public in the subject of econometrics and its applications to a variety of fields in economics, in particular, but not exclusively, by advancing and supporting research in that field, and disseminating the results of such useful research to the public.

Congratulations to Tao Zha!

Vivian Yue Invited to Join Board of Editors of the American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics

Zhanwei Vivian YueAssociate Professor Vivian Yue has recently been invited to be a member of the Board of Editors of the American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics.

Congratulations to Vivian Yue!


Vivian Yue Appointed Associate Editor of International Economic Review

Zhanwei Vivian YuePlease join us in congratulating our colleague, Vivian Yue, who has been invited to be an Associate Editor of the International Economic Review. The International Economic Review provides a forum for modern quantitative economics.

Congratulations to Vivian Yue! 

Kaiji Chen Appointed as a Faculty Advisor to the Emory College of Arts and Sciences Honors Council

Kaiji ChenIn August 2019, Associate Professor Kaiji Chen was selected to serve as a Faculty Advisor on the Emory College of Arts and Sciences. 

Comprised of Emory faculty, staff, and students, Council members investigate all reports of academic misconduct.

Congratulations to Kaiji Chen for this notable accomplishment!

Krzysztof Karbownik Named IZA Fellow

Krzysztof KarbownikKrzysztof Karbownik, Assistant Professor, was recently named an IZA Institute of Labor Economics Fellow. The IZA selects outstanding young researchers who seek innovative answers to work-related challenges of the future and who aspire to leading positions in labor market research. Their focus is on fostering an understanding of how labor markets work and how labor market policies perform.

Congratulations to Chris Karbownik!

Shomu Banerjee Received the Mariposa Scholars Faculty Mentor of the Year Award

Shomu BanerjeeShomu Banerjee, Professor of Pedagogy, received the Mariposa Scholars Faculty Mentor of the Year Award at the May 2019 commencement festivities. The award is for exceptional mentoring of Emory University's 70 DACA and undocumented students, who are referred to as Mariposa Scholars ('mariposa' means butterfly in Spanish and the term symbolizes that these students, like butterflies, have migrated thousands of miles across borders).

Professor Banerjee was just one of two faculty to receive this award in its inaugural year. The Mariposa Scholars program is run by the Student Success Programs and Services, a division of Campus Life.

Congratulations to Shomu Banerjee!

Krzysztof Karbownik Appointed NBER Faculty Research Fellow

Krzysztof KarbownikKrzysztof Karbownik, Assistant Professor, was recently appointed a Faculty Research Fellow of the NBER Program on Children.

This program focuses on the economic behavior related to children, child health, and child economic and social well-being. Research conducted in this program include the long-run effects of conditions in early childhood, the impact of expansions to Medicaid and access to medical care, the impacts of stress on mental health, in addition to several other areas of interest.

Congratulations to Chris Karbownik!

New Book on Free Market Competition

rubin-paulPaul Rubin, Emeritus Professor of Economics, recently published a new book, titled The Capitalism Paradox: How Cooperation Enables Free Market Competition (Bombadier Books, 2019). The book discusses markets, economics, and business, and how the existence of free markets benefits both societies and individuals.

Professor Paul Rubin's main areas of specialization are in law and economics. He has published two other books and an impressive number of journals on these topics. He frequently writes on blogs and for newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal.

Hashem Dezhbakhsh Received Crystal Apple Award

Hashem DezhbakhshHashem Dezhbakhsh, Chair and Goodrich C. White Professor of the Economics Department, was awarded the Emory University's 2019 Crystal Apple Award for Excellence in Large Class Education. This award honors faculty that go above and beyond outside of the classroom.

Congratulations to Hashem Dezhbakhsh!


Interview with Esfandiar Maasoumi is Subject of Peer-Reviewed Article

Esfandiar MaasoumiPlease join us in congratulating our colleague, Esfandiar Maasoumi, who was the subject of a peer-reviewed article in Econometric Theory titled “The ET Interview: Esfandiar (Essie) Maasoumi,” by Aman Ullah.

Congratulations to Essie Maasoumi!