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Faculty News

Congratulations to the following Economics faculty for their accomplishments this year.

Vivian Yue Invited to Become Co-Editor for the Journal of International Economics 

Zhanwei Vivian YueCongratulations to Vivian Yue who has been invited to become Co-Editor for the Journal of International Economics (JIE). The JIE currently ranks among the most highly cited journals in economics.

The Journal of International Economics is intended to serve as the primary outlet for theoretical and empirical research in all areas of international economics. These include but are not limited to the following: trade patterns, commercial policy; international institutions; exchange rates; open economy macroeconomics; international finance; international factor mobility. The Journal especially encourages the submission of articles which are empirical in nature, or deal with issues of open economy macroeconomics and international finance.

Congratulations to Vivian Yue!

Vivian Yue Appointed as CEPR Research Fellow

Zhanwei Vivian YueCongratulations to Vivian Yue for being invited to join the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) as a Research Fellow in the International Macroeconomics and Finance program of CEPR for a four year appointment.

CEPR's network of Research Fellows and Affiliates includes over 1,300 of the top economists conducting research on issues affecting the European economy. Researchers are based in their home institutions (universities, research institutes, central bank research departments, and international organizations), and collaborate through the Centre in the pursuit of policy-relevant economic research and dissemination activities.

Congratulations to Vivian Yue!

New Book Explores Rising College Costs

Runaway College Costs Book Co-Authored by Richard J. CebulaCongratulations to Visiting Faculty, Richard Cebula, on the release of Runaway College Costs, co-authored with James V. Koch. This book explores the role of college governing boards in tuition and fee escalation at four-year public colleges and universities. 

Published by Johns Hopkins University Press, Koch and Cebula supply groundbreaking empirical evidence on the impact of governing board membership, size, and operations on tuition and fees and propose an action agenda for governing boards, including changing the incentives placed in front of campus presidents and senior administrators. 

Read more>> Runaway College Costs

Interview by Rick Seltzer in Inside Higher Ed, November 5, 2020: Authors discuss recent book

Economics Department Chair Added to Emory Experts Available to Discuss COVID-19

Hashem DezhbakhshWe are pleased to announce that Hashem Dezhbakhsh, Goodrich C. White Professor of Economics and Chairman of the Economics Department, has joined the list of Emory experts available to the media to discuss COVID-19.

Congratulations to the Economics Faculty Promoted This Year

2020 Faculty Promotions 












Essie Maasoumi Elected Senior Fellow by Rimini Centre of Economic Analysis

Esfandiar MaasoumiCongratulations to Essie Maasoumi, Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Economics, on being elected a Senior Fellow by the Rimini Centre of Economic Analysis (RCEA). Senior Fellows are accomplished, senior researchers.

The Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis is a private, international non-profit organization dedicated to independent research in Applied Economics, Theoretical Economics and related fields. The mission of RCEA is to further independent, advanced research in Economics, Econometrics and related fields and to promote contact between economists, econometricians and scientists from other fields all over the world.

Congratulations to Essie Maasoumi!

National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities Features Emory Research

Sara MarkowitzSara Markowitz, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, recently had her research on Earned Income Tax Credit and infant health published as a summary titled, "Economic Policies Make a Difference for Babies' Health," by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD), June 1, 2020. The research was in collaboration with Kelli Komro and others at Rollins School of Public Health.

Essie Maasoumi Interviewed by City of East Point Councilman

Essie Maasoumi was recently interviewed by City of East Point Councilman, Joshua Butler, on a variety of topics including income and wealth distribution and how the Covid-19 pandemic has, and potentially could, affect unemployment, income inequality and wealth distribution in the future. As an expert in econometrics, Dr. Maasoumi also discusses the economic factors that could determine the pandemic's economic impact.

New Book on Socialism

2020-Rubin-Paul-Book-CoverPaul Rubin, Emeritus Professor of Economics, recently published a new book, titled A Student's Guide to Socialism: How It Will Trash Your Lives (Bombadier Books, 2020).

Professor Paul Rubin's main areas of specialization are in law and economics. He has published three other books and an impressive number of journals on the topics of law and economics. He frequently writes on blogs and for newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal.

Congratulations to Paul Rubin!


Sara Markowitz Elected to ASHEcon Board of Directors

Sara MarkowitzSara Markowitz, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, has been elected to the Board of Directors of ASHEcon (American Society of Health Economists) for a four-year term.

The American Society of Health Economists is a professional organization dedicated to promoting excellence in health economics research in the United States. ASHEcon provides a forum for emerging ideas and empirical results of health economics research. The major activity through which ASHEcon achieves its mission is conducting a meeting in the US. ASHEcon is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of a highly distinguished group of health economists from all parts of the United States.

Congratulations to Sara Markowitz!

Nels Lind Received NSF Grant on Trade Research

lind-nelsNels Lind, Assistant Professor, received a NSF grant for a series of projects based on his recent research in trade and growth.

This research develops new models exploring important questions in international economics, such as the role of international technology transfer in the rise of superstar firms and concentration, the role of innovation and international spillover of ideas in determining technological change and country growth, and the role of correlated productivity in shaping economic policies.

Congratulations to Nels Lind!