Shomu Banerjee

Professor of Pedagogy

Office: Rich 306A

Phone: 404-712-8168


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  • PhD, Economics, University of Minnesota


Areas of Interest:

Applied Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization, Experimental and Environmental Economics


Selected Publications:

Banerjee, Shomu. Intermediate Microeconomics: A Tool-Building Approach. Abingdon-on-Thames, UK: Routledge UK, 2014.

Banerjee, Shomu, and J. Murphy, "A Simplified Test for Preference Rationality of Two-Commodity Choice," Experimental Economics 9 (2006): 67-75.

_____, "The Scope Test Revisited," Applied Economics Letters 12 (2005): 613-617.

Banerjee, Shomu, and P. Lin, "Downstream R&D, Raising Rivals, Costs, and Input Price Contracts," International Journal of Industrial Organization 21 (2003): 79-96.

_____, "Vertical Research Joint Ventures," International Journal of Industrial Organization 19 (2001): 285-302.

Banerjee, Shomu, "An Alternative Proof of the Hurwicz (1972) Impossibility Theorem," Economics Letters 44 (1994): 397-401.