Christoph Breunig

Assistant Professor

Office: Rich 311B


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Areas of Interest:

Econometrics of Big Data, Microeconometrics


Selected Publication:

Breunig, Christoph, and Stefan Hoderlein, "Specification Testing in Random Coefficient Models," Quantitative Economics 9:3 (2018): 1371-1417.

Breunig, Christoph, Enno Mammen, and Anna Simoni, "Nonparametric Estimation in Case of Endogenous Selection," Journal of Econometrics 202:2 (2018): 268-285.

Breunig, Christoph, "Testing Missing at Random using Instrumental Variables," Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 37:2 (2017): 223-224.

Breunig, Christoph, and Jan Johannes, "Adaptive Estimation of Functionals in Nonparametric Instrumental Regression," Econometric Theory 32:3 (2016): 612-654.

Breunig, Christoph, "Goodness-of-fit Tests based on Series Estimators in Nonparametric Instrumental Regression," Journal of Econometrics 184:2 (2015): 328-346.