Leonard A. Carlson

Associate Professor

Office: Rich 306F

Phone: 404-727-6375

Email: econlac@emory.edu


Areas of Interest:

Economic History of the United States, Economics of Federal Indian Policy, Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics



Indians, Bureaucrats, and Land: The Dawes Act and the Decline of Indian Farming. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1981.

Journal Articles:

Carlson, Leonard, and John Komlos, "An Anthropometric History of Native Americans c. 1820-1890,"Research in Economic History, forthcoming. Available online here.

Carlson, Leonard, and Mark A. Roberts, "Indian Removal, 'Squatterism,' and Slavery: Economic Interests and the Passage of the Indian Removal Act of 1830," Explorations in Economic History Volume 43, Issue 3 (July 2006): 486-504. Available online here.

Carlson, Leonard, and Caroline Swartz, "The Earnings of Women and Ethnic Minorities, 1959-1979," Industrial and Labor Relations Review Vol. 41, no. 4 (July 1988): 530-546. Available online here.

Carlson, Leonard, "Federal Policy and Indian Land: Economic Interests and the Sale of Indian Allotted Land, 1900-1934," Agricultural History Vol. 57, no. 1 (January 1983): 33-45. Available online here.

Carlson, Leonard, Christopher Curran, and David Ford, "A Theory of Residential Location Decisions of Two-Worker Households," Journal of Urban Economics Vol. 12 (July 1982): 102-114.

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_____, "Labor Supply, the Acquisition of Skills, and the Location of Southern Textile Mills, 1880-1900," Journal of Economic History Vol. 41, no. 1 (March 1981): 65-71. Available online here.

Chapters in Books:

Carlson, Leonard. "Similar Societies, Different Solutions: United States Indian Policy in Light of Australian Policy Towards Aboriginal Peoples." In Economic Evolution and Revolutions in Context: Historical Approaches to Social Science, edited by Paul W. Rhode, Joshua L. Rosenbloom, and David Weiman. Stanford, CT: Stanford University Press, 2011. Available online here.

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