Hashem Dezhbakhsh

Chair and Goodrich C. White Professor

Office: Rich 312B

Phone: 404-727-4679

Email: econhd@emory.edu


Areas of Interest:

Applied Econometrics, Applied Microeconomics

Awards and Honors:

Cuttino Award for Excellence in Mentoring, Emory University, 2008

William's Outstanding Teaching Award, Emory University, 1999

Sigma Nu Fraternity's Favorite Faculty Award, 1999

Recognized by Emory University Mortar Board for dedication to teaching, 1995

Phi Beta Kappa recognition, Emory University, Spring 1994, Fall 1999, Spring 2000, Spring 2001, Fall 2016

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award, Ohio State University


Selected Publications:

Dezhbakhsh, Hashem, and Paul Rubin, "From the 'Econometrics of Capital Punishment' to the 'Capital Punishment' of Econometrics: On the Use and Abuse of Sensitivity Analysis," Applied Economics 43:25 (2011): 3655-3670.

Dezhbakhsh, Hashem, and John Karikari, "Enrollment at Highly Selective Private Colleges: Who is Left Behind?" Contemporary Economic Policy 28 (2010): 94-109.

Dezhbakhsh, Hashem, John Karikari, Godwin Agbara, and Barbara El-Osta, "The Impact of Mergers in U.S. Petroleum Industry on Wholesale Gasoline Prices," Contemporary Economic Policy, 25:1 (2007): 46-56.

Dezhbakhsh, Hashem, and Joanna Shepherd, "The Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment: Evidence from a Judicial Experiment," Economic Inquiry 14 (2006): 512-535.

Dezhbakhsh, Hashem, Soumaya Tohamy, and Peter Aranson, "A New Theory of the Budgetary Process," Economics and Politics 18 (2006): 47-70.

Dezhbakhsh, Hashem, and Daniel Levy, "International Evidence on Output Fluctuation and Shock Persistence," Journal of Monetary Economics 50 (2003): 1531-1553.

Dezhbakhsh, Hashem, and Paul Rubin, "The Effect of Concealed Handgun Laws on Crime: Going Beyond the Dummy Variables," International Review of Law and Economics 23 (2003): 199-216.

Dezhbakhsh, Hashem, Paul Rubin, and Joanna Shepherd, "Does Capital Punishment Have a Deterrent Effect?: New Evidence from Postmoratorium Panel Data," American Law and Economics Review 5 (2003): 344-376.

Dezhbakhsh, Hashem, Soumaya Tohamy, and Peter Aranson, "A New Approach for Testing Budgetary Incrementalism," Journal of Politics 65 (2003): 532-558.

Dezhbakhsh, Hashem, and Paul Rubin, "Lives Saved or Lives Lost: The Effect of Concealed Handgun Laws on Crime," American Economic Review 88 (1998): 468-474.

Dezhbakhsh, Hashem, Dennis Byrne, and Randall King, "Unions and Police Productivity: An Econometric Investigation," Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society 35:4 (1996): 566-584.

Dezhbakhsh, Hashem, and J. G. Thursby, "A Monte Carlo Comparison of Tests based on the Durbin-Watson Statistic with Other Autocorrelation Tests in Dynamic Models," Econometric Review 14 (1995): 347-365.

Dezhbakhsh, Hashem, "Foreign Exchange Forward and Futures Prices: Are They Equal?" Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 29: 1 (1994): 75-87.

Dezhbakhsh, Hashem, and J. G. Thursby, "Testing for Serial Correlation in Models with Lagged Dependent Variables: A Specification Error Approach," Journal of Econometrics 60:1 (1994): 251-272.

Dezhbakhsh, Hashem, and A. D. Kunt, "On the Presence of Speculative Bubbles in Stock Prices," Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 25:1 (1990): 101-112.

Dezhbakhsh, Hashem, "The Inappropriate Use of Serial Correlation Tests in Dynamic Linear Models," The Review of Economics and Statistics 72:1 (1990): 126-132.