Hugo Mialon

Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Office: Rich 317

Phone: 404-727-0355


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Areas of Interest:

Microeconomics, Law and Economics, Industrial Organization, Health Economics, Game Theory


Selected Publications:

Mialon, Hugo, and Sue Mialon, "Go Figure: The Strategy of Nonliteral Speech," American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 5:2 (2013): 186-212.

Mialon, Hugo, and Tilman Klumpp, "On Hatred," American Law and Economics Review 15:1 (2013): 39-72.

Mialon, Hugo, Sue Mialon, and Maxwell Stinchcombe, "Torture in Counterterrorism: Agency Incentives and Slippery Slopes," Journal of Public Economics 96:1-2 (2012): 33-41.

For a CV and complete list of publications, please see Professor Mialon's Personal Web Page.