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Undergraduate Awards

The Economics Department awards four prizes annually:

  1. The Jack and Lewis Greenhut Prize
  2. The Tate Whitman Prize in Economics
  3. The George Benston and Richard Muth Prize for Excellence in Economics
  4. Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

The Jack and Lewis Greenhut Prize

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This prize is awarded to a graduating senior who has demonstrated the highest degree of excellence in classwork, research, and scholarly activities.

2020 Recipient is Andrew Teodorescu

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Andrew's honors thesis applies sophisticated panel-regression techniques to examine the effects confining mutual fund holdings to a single fund family. He shows that doing so is not as bad for investor welfare as the previous literature has suggested. In the words of his adviser, Professor John Kim, “Andrew has been extraordinarily ambitious and independent in his honors research.”

Award Winners
2019Sarah Mahoney
2018T. Anders Olsen
2017Nanyu Chen
2016Yixuan Chen
2015Cindy Xinha Jiang

The W. Tate Whitman Prize in Economics

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This award is for the ability to present clear, cogent analysis of complex issues, extraordinary personal integrity, and wise leadership in the classroom and department.

2020 Recipient is Max Krauskopf

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Max's honors thesis presents a novel model of criminal justice systems that use trial by ordeal. The predictions of the model are used to evaluation the transitions from trials by ordeal in medieval Europe and modern-day Liberia. In the words of his thesis adviser, Professor Blake Allison, “Max put a tremendous effort into his thesis, which really pushed beyond the boundaries of his own education at Emory. I was constantly impressed by his eagerness to learn not only game theoretic techniques, but also the process of constructing a workable theoretical model.”

Award Winners
2019Tejas Kashyap
2018Jonathan Kaminski
2017Tori Herren
2016Sarah Paik
2015Kimberly Varadi

The George Benston and Richard Muth Prize for Excellence in Economics

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This award celebrates the spirit of both Prof. George Benston and Prof. Richard Muth, whose strong commitment to research and reputation for excellence helped facilitate Emory’s change to becoming the world class research institution it is today. In their honor, we give this award to the student who demonstrates exemplary intellectual curiosity, passion, and skill in economic analysis.

2020 Recipient is Miaomiao Zhang

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Miaomiao's honors thesis, which showcases her deep understanding of modern econometric and machine-learning techniques, examines the heterogeneous causal effects of social welfare programs. In the words of her adviser, Professor Stephen O'Connell, “Miaomiao stands out for her passion for delving into economic and statistical theory, and her skilled application of these principles to real-world problems. It was a pleasure to have been her adviser—I feel that I truly learned a great deal from her throughout the process!”

Award Winners
2019Claudia Hurowitz
2018Alexis Korman
2017Shaina Shapera
2016Xin (Bella) Li
2015Hal Zeitlin

Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

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This award recognizes undergraduate students who have served as exceptional teaching assistants in our Economics classes.

2020 Recipient is Hannan Sylla

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Hannan has been an extraordinary TA for Professor Shomu Banerjee's Econ 201 class. In Professor Banerjee's words, “Hannan Sylla went beyond the call of duty to hold office hours on weekends and help students at all kinds of hours, in addition to coming to my class once every week to grade my in-class quizzes for a full two hours.”

Award Winners
2019Tiffany Chen
2018Joseph Medeiros