The Economics Department offers an internship course, Economics 449, which is open only to economics majors and minors.  Students are enrolled by permission only and they must have already completed Economics 201, 212, and 220.  The course carries two credit hours taken on an S/U basis and it will not count toward the 10 courses you need to satisfy the majors requirements.  The Economics department internship can be taken during the fall, spring or summer semester.

To register for the course, which is by permission only, the students are required to download the registration form (click here to download the form) and talk to their faculty advisors about the internship opportunity when they schedule courses during pre-registration.  The advisor checks the prerequisites and approves the internship provided that it is compatible with the student's course of study.  In a similar fashion, minors secure permission from the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  The completed internship form must be turned into the Undergraduate Program Coordinator to register.  Once registered the student reports to the faculty in charge of the internship course.

A report discussing how the internship experience related to your economic training and in what ways it helped your professional development is to be turned in to the course faculty or the Undergraduate Program Coordinator on the last day of classes for the semester enrolled.  See the Undergraduate Program Coordinator for further details.

Students who would like to get internship credit over the summer at reduced cost should see Emory College's Summer Internship Program website. Here the students earn college credit (rather than economics credit) but at a much lower tuition cost.