Honors Program

The Honors Program is available to outstanding students in Economics and Economics/Mathematics. Students with a cumulative average of 3.50 (for all courses taken at Emory) at the end of the fall semester of their third year may be invited to participate. The number of students admitted to the Honors Program is determined by the Economics Department's capacity for advising honors theses, so a 3.5+ GPA does not automatically lead to admission into the program. (Note that in recent years, typical GPA of invitees has exceeded 3.9.) Strong preference will be given to students who have completed Economics 420 by the end of their third year. Invitations will be extended to qualified students during the spring of their third year.

Administered by the Emory College Honors Committee, this program enables students to do intensive work in a chosen area and, therefore, involves work that extends beyond ordinary course requirements and standards of performance. Students must complete Economics 201, 212, and 220 prior to entering the Honors program (i.e., prior to the Fall Semester of their senior year). Students enrolled in the Honors program must complete Economics 420 no later than Fall semester of their senior year. Students enrolled in the Honors program must complete Economics 495A during the Fall Semester of their senior year and may enroll in Economics 495BW during the Spring Semester of their senior year.

An examination covering the honors work, including the thesis and allied fields, is given upon completion of the program. One examiner must be chosen from outside the department. Examiners recommend the degree of honors (honors, high honors, highest honors) to the Honors Committee. Honors (cum laude) represents satisfactory completion of the program. High Honors (magna cum laude) represents completion of the program with outstanding performance and a thesis of quality sufficient for oral presentation to scholars in the candidate's field. Highest Honors (summa cum laude) represents completion of the program with exceptional performance, including an overall average of 3.50 and a thesis of a quality suitable for submission for publication.

A student may complete Honors in the joint Mathematics/Economics major by completing the requirements for Honors either in the Mathematics Department or in the Economics Department. Participation in the Honors Program in both departments is by invitation only. The student's Honors committee must include at least one faculty member from the Economics Department, one faculty member from the Mathematics Department, and one faculty member from a department other than the Economics or the Mathematics Departments.