Work in Econ Dept


Each semester after drop/add is over, the department screens all majors and minors for juniors and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher. These students are then asked if they would like to participate in our tutors list. If they choose to participate, on our web page we will post the name, contact information and specific economics courses for which the students would like to tutor. If contacted by a prospective tutee, each tutor may negotiate their price for tutoring. The Department does not set prices. Further information on available tutoring options can be found here.

Research Assistants/Teaching Assistants

Undergraduate students may be invited to serve as research assistants or teaching assistants, based on faculty need. Faculty use research assistants in a variety of tasks such as entering data, running regressions, researching articles on various topics, and framing arguments.  Teaching assistants are used in assisting with preparing class presentations, grading homework or quizzes. These services are strictly voluntary, no pay involved, but they provide you with the opportunity to collaborate with the faculty, build your resume, and increase your chance of securing strong reference letters.

If students have an interest in serving as a research or teaching assistant, there is an application form available from the Undergraduate Program Assistant.  Please complete the form and return it to the Undergraduate Program Assistant in 312D Rich Building.

Work Study

There are opportunities for work study in the Economics Department. To determine if you qualify for the work-study program please see the Office of Financial Aid's web site. If you do qualify for the work-study program, please see Brenda Baxter in the Economics Department, 312A Rich Building.