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2020 Honors Graduates

The Department of Economics is pleased to announce the following Honors graduates. These graduates have distinguished themselves academically and have demonstrated a desire to further their intellectual dialogue through original research in the field of Economics.

Message from Director of Honors Program

Dr. Stephen O'Connell

2020 Honors Graduates

Justin Cohen

Committee: Sue Mialon, Robert Roth, Jr. (Mathematics), Alexander Bolton (Political Science)

Title of Thesis: Greek Radical Party Emergence Following Its Economic Crisis

Max Krauskopf

Committee: Blake Allison, Kelli Lanier, Jeffrey Morrison (Political Science)

Title of Thesis: Trial by Ordeal: A Model of Trial Choices and Policy Restrictions

Michael Leeder

Committee: Evan Saltzman, Kelli Lanier, Cassandra Casias (Classics)

Title of Thesis: Valuing MLB Pitchers with Respect to Mechanic Predisposition to Injury

Jian H. Li

Committee: Ian McCarthy, Kelli Lanier, David Civitello (Biology)

Title of Thesis: The Effect of Leveraged Buyouts on Acute Care Hospital Patient Mortality

Olivia Lofton

Committee: Krzysztof Karbownik, Kyungmin (Teddy) Kim, Michael Carr (Mathematics)

Title of Thesis: Kinship Guardianship: Understanding the Changing Incentives of TANF-recipient Families under Sanctions

Raya Machaca

Committee: Paloma Moyano, Stephen O'Connell, Rkia Cornell (Arabic/Middle Eastern Studies)

Title of Thesis: The Guber Grapple: Assessing the Relationship between Newspaper Coverage, Incumbency, and Gender in Gubernatorial Elections

Andrew Teodorescu

Committee: Jeong Ho (John) Kim, Caroline Fohlin, Bree Ettinger (Mathematics)

Title of Thesis: Does Mutual Fund Style Category Composition Explain the Benefits of Family Diversification?

Christina Ye

Committee: Kaiji Chen, Sheila T. Cavanagh (English), Victoria Powers (Mathematics)

Title of Thesis: The Relationship Between Big4 Bank Lending Shares and Peer-to-peer Loan Applications across Different Regions and the Changes in the Percentage of Low Credit Borrowers in the Context of Regulatory Changes

Miaomiao Zhang

Committee: Stephen O'Connell, Shomu Banerjee, Seunghwa Rho (QTM)

Title os Thesis: Algorithmic Targeting of Social Welfare Programs: Machine Learning for Prediction Model Design and Causal Effects Estimation

Sichen Zhu

Committee: Zhanwei (Vivian) Yue, Tao Zha, Yifeng Zhu, Davide Fossati (CS), Le Chen (Mathematics)

Title of Thesis: Stock Price Comovement and Location Effect