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Emory ESS 2020 Graduating Board Members

The Economics Student Society (ESS) is a student-run organization supported by the Economics department that is dedicated to promoting a multidisciplinary approach to Economics.

ESS welcomes students of ALL majors!

Congratulations to our 2020 Graduating

Board Members

Zhaohan (Amanda) Li

2020 ESS Board Member Graduate Zhaohan (Amanda) LiZhaohan (Amanda) Li is a graduating senior with a double major in economics / mathematics and business. Her professional experiences include co-founding a startup, being a VC analyst at Valor Ventures, an investment banking summer analyst at Jefferies and an analyst at Zoom.

At Emory, she serves as the president of ESS, the first BBA Entrepreneurship Fellow and runs an interview column for Sino-Emory Newsletter. She enjoys traveling and has visited 100+ museums in 22 countries.



Most Cherished ESS Moment
Advice for Future Econ Students
Promoting ESS at the Activity Fair and share with freshmen about all the cool things going on in the community! We got 50+ signups, among whom we recruited new executive members who are superstars to the team! If you want something, ask for it (and work for it), the worst case is getting a no but you will never know until you try it.

Rusha Majumder

2020 ESS Board Member Graduate Rusha MajumderRusha Majumder is a graduating senior with a double major in economics / mathematics and computer science. Rusha was born in Japan and raised in the United States, but is ethnically Bangladeshi. Upon entering college, she was a pre-medical student who says that she made it a goal to explore opportunities outside her comfort zone. After exploring several research positions and internships across different subjects and industries, she decided to pursue investment banking instead of medicine.

After graduation, she will work as an Investment Banking Analyst at Lazard in New York, a position that will start this summer. Outside of academics and work, Rusha enjoys dance, running outdoors, cooking, and painting.


Most Cherished ESS Moment
Advice for Future Econ Students

My most cherished ESS moment was the last meeting we had. Despite the meeting taking place over Zoom, our last meeting was a sweet moment for all of us. It gave us a chance to thank each other and celebrate the accomplishments we each had. Saying goodbye to everyone made me even more grateful for the opportunity to have worked with fellow economics students who are passionate about growing ESS and demonstrating how interesting, multifaceted, and useful economics is through our events. I am so glad I chose to be a part of ESS for the last four years!


Do not let anyone's idea of what your life should look like guide your college experience and career aspirations. It is important to create and pursue your own goals so you can be true to yourself. Explore activities, classes, clubs, hobbies and internships that are interesting to you, but also make sure you create a realistic career plan along the way. It is okay if that plan changes. Good luck!