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Have you secured an internship? Are you looking for academic credit?

Economics 449 (Internship Course)

Economics 449 is an internship offered to economics majors and minors only and must be taken on a pass/fail (S/U) basis. This counts for only 2 credit hours and will not count toward the major or minor.

Permission is required to enroll in course.

Economics Internship Permission Form


  • Economics courses:
    • Econ 210
    • Econ 212
    • Econ 220

What you should know before taking Econ 449

  • Earn 2 credit hours
  • Fall/Spring/Summer enrollment
  • Taken on an S/U basic 
  • Does not count toward 10 courses needed to satisfy majors requirement

Summer Internship Program 

With Emory's summer internship program, students earn college credit (rather than economics credit) but at a much lower tuition cost.