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Economics Major & Minor Placement

We are proud that Emory Economics graduates have been hired by major corporations in the U.S. and around the world.


Graduate & Professional Schools Attended by Emory Economics Graduates


Undergraduate Internships


73% of Economics alumni have had at least 2 internships.
Internship Placements (2015-2021)
Undergraduate Job Placement

Where Our Graduates Work

Initial Job Placements for Economics Graduates
Initial Job Placements (2015-2021)
Undergraduate Common Job Titles

Common Job Titles

Economics graduates can be found in a variety of positions with many different job titles.
Common Job Titles (2015-2021)
Senior Survey 2021

Senior Survey

Students are asked to respond to a survey of occupational and educational pursuits at the time they apply for graduation.

Senior Surveys (2015-2021)