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Major, Minor, Courses

Upon successful completion of the major in Economics or the joint Economics-Math major, or the joint CS-Economics major, and Emory's core curriculum, students will receive a Bachelor of Arts that is certified as a STEM major because of its quantitative nature. The joint Economics-Human Health major is not certified as a STEM major at this time.

Economics Major, Joint Majors and Minor

  • 1 mathematics course
  • 6 foundation courses
  • 4 electives (students can select electives from several areas of specialization)

You can find a checklist for Economics major requirements here

  • 4 pre-requisite courses
  • 8 foundation courses
  • Econ/Math 425 Mathematical Economics
  • 3 electives (1 300-level or higher Econ elective, 1 400-level Econ elective, 1 Math elective- 212, 351, 361, or 411 )

 A checklist for the joint Economics/Math major can be found here

  • 1 mathematics course
  • 5 foundation courses
  • 1 biomedical or health ethics course
  • 3 methods courses
  • 2 health care organization and policy courses
  • 3 context and application of health electives
  • Econ/Hlth 470 Research in Health Economics

Review the checklist for specific requirements in the joint Econ/Human Health major here

Joint Econ/Human Health major: View Flyer

Please note that our joint Economics-Human Health major does not have a STEM designation for international student OPT purposes. This major does not require the additional courses required for a STEM designation because we are hoping to target students on a wide variety of career paths, including some who are trying to balance the major requirements with a number of pre-health requirements and others who are more interested in the humanities perspective.

Virtual Information Session for new Economics/Human Health Joint Major held on April 21, 2020

This 2020-econ-human-health-jt-major-info-sessionZoom session was recorded:  Watch here 

View/download presentation: Presentation on Economics/Human Health Joint Major 


Coming in Spring 2022: The joint Economics/Computer Science major is designed provide students with an education that combines economic reasoning, empirical methods and data analytics, and knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand how data can be used to understand economic phenomenon in the digital age. This is a unique and innovative program that offers a synergistic curriculum beyond what computer science or economics can individually offer.

Review the checklist for specific requirements in the joint Econ/Computer Science major here

Joint Econ/Computer Science major: View Flyer

Virtual Information Session for new Economics/Computer Science Joint Major held on September 30, 2021

Economics-Data Science Joint Major Information SessionThis virtual information session featured a brief overview of the new joint major and a panel discussion from alumni who double majored in Econ/CS to discuss how this interdisciplinary curriculum was beneficial to their career trajectories. 

This Zoom session was recorded:  Watch here 

  • 3 foundation courses
  • 1 mathematics course
  • 3 electives at the 200 level or above

You can find a checklist for the minor here

The Economics Department is developing a 4+1 program that will allow students to earn both a Bachelors's and a Masters's degree in Economics in just five years. We will be making an official announcement when the program has been approved by the faculty and the Graduate School.

  • All classes applied towards an Economics major/minor must be taken for a letter grade. 
  • Students must earn an average GPA of 2.0 in the Economics major/minor to graduate.  
  • The Department will only accept Econ 101 Principles of Microeconomics and Econ 112 Principles of Macroeconomics as transfer credit from other institutions and AP/IB tests.  
  • Econ 449 Internship is 2 credit hours, graded pass/fail and does not count towards major/minor requirements.  
  • Directed study (ECON 397, 496, or 496RW) can be used to satisfy up to 2 elective requirements (must be for 3 or more credits, 4 for ECON 496RW) 

Courses for Career Prep

Plan Ahead

Learn about the many career opportunities in Economics and take the classes you need to be best prepared to get the job you want.

Courses for Career Prep