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Christina DePasquale, Assistant Professor of Economics

Christina DePasquale

Christina DePasquale, assistant professor in Economics at Emory University, joined Emory University in 2014. Professor DePasquale’s most recent work focuses on health economics, industrial organization, and labor economics, particularly at the intersection of firm decisions and labor market consequences. To read more about Professor DePasquale, click here.

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Faculty in the News

Sam Cherribi, author of "Fridays of Rage: Al Jazeera, the Arab Spring, and Political Islam," Oxford University Press, February 2017.

Paul Rubin, author of "Trump-onomics Promises Much Good, with Some Doubts," Atlanta Journal Constitution, January 28, 2017.

Sheila Tschinkel, coauthor of "Why the 'Free Market' for Drugs Doesn't Work and What We Can Do About It," The Conversation, January 18, 2017.