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Women Leadership Club

Economics Women's Leadership Club

The Economics Women's Leadership Club at Emory University is a vibrant and supportive community that offers a welcoming environment for students to explore the unique challenges and opportunities they face on their journey to becoming successful leaders in their chosen fields. Established as a complement to the monthly mentorship program, the club aims to deepen the engagement and learning experiences of its members through structured meetings and discussions.

Calendar IconThe club convenes twice a month with a dual agenda that maximizes both external inspiration and internal community support. The first of the monthly meetings is directly connected to the mentorship program, featuring discussions led by the invited mentors of the month. This integration with the mentorship program enriches the club's offerings and provides continuity in learning and interaction with role models.

The second meeting each month takes on a more intimate format, focusing primarily on discussions among club members, and occasionally, with Emory faculty or administrators. This meeting serves as a platform for students to share personal experiences and challenges and explore topics of mutual interest without the presence of external speakers. It’s an opportunity for members to build stronger relationships with each other and receive academic and professional guidance from Emory's own educators and leaders. These sessions are crucial for fostering a sense of community and mutual support among the members, empowering them to confidently navigate the challenges of their academic and future professional lives.

Founding Mentors

Elena PesaventoElena Pesavento

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Kelli LanierKelli Lanier

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Founding Members

Sofia Barthel | Connect with me on LinkedIn®

Lara Chu | Connect with me on LinkedIn®

Valerie Hernandez | Connect with me on LinkedIn®

Oyinlola Olawoye | Connect with me on LinkedIn®

Sanika Vaze | Connect with me on LinkedIn®

Jessie Zhu | Connect with me on LinkedIn®