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Omicron Delta Epsilon

Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE) is a prestigious national economics honor society.

Mission: To promote excellence in economics by recognizing outstanding achievements and by encouraging professional exchange among students, and faculty.

Member Qualifications

  • Declared Economics Majors & Minors
  • Overall GPA of 3.70 & 4+ ECON courses completed
  • Invitations for Membership are sent each semester

Email us your questions about ODE: 

Ben Crawford

Ben is a fourth-year student currently studying at Emory University. His primary academic interests are the factors involved in transitioning a command economy to a market-based one, and the difficulties that can arise as a result. Eventually, Ben hopes to create a firm assisting young entrepreneurs in post-Soviet countries with their business aspirations.


Audrey Margolies

Audrey is a hard-working, driven student pursuing and Economics major and Business minor. She came to Emory pre-med and truly fell in love with Economics as a subject. She has built valuable relationships within the department, currently a TA for two professors and a TA last year for another. Her academic experience at Emory has been largely defined by the support and guidance of the Economics Department.

Tyler Yamato-Chang

Tyler is a junior, originally from Tokyo, Japan. He is pursuing a double major in Economics and Psychology. His academic interest lies in the intersection of the two majors, particularly in how psychological factors influence economic decisions and vice versa. Outside of his academics, Tyler is the Oxford Representative for the Japanese Culture Club and is also on the Club Tennis team. A fervent sports enthusiast, Tyler has an undying love for tennis and baseball. Every MLB season, Tyler is reliably spotted in his living room, eyes glued to the TV, fervently cheering for the Los Angeles Angels. Tyler’s affection for food is also as profound as his love for sports.

Current Members 2023-2024

Isabella Aguado

Jaewon Ahn

Eric Albanese

Agnes K. Arianto

Sophia Grace Barthel

Leslie Berg

Charles Braverman

Yono Bulis

Irene M. Castro Cespedes

Kushagra Chadha

Mariana Cristina Chong Leon

Ben Arnoldsen Crawford

Eleanor D'Attomo

Braden Dolan

Ken Dorazio

Kardelen Ergul

Elif Gencer

Natasha Gandhi

Lucas Goldfein

Yining Guo

Yiou He "Annie"

Carter Hodgson

Jerry Hong

Jenny Huang

Joshua A. Jacobs

Fareed Wajid Khan

Aayushi Khanna

Noori Karle

Jonathan Kim

MJ Kim

Jihan Lee

Bryan Lipton

Shuyang Liu

Audrey Margolies

May Mei

Jane Miao

Vidhi Mittal

Leila Mulveny

Aradhya Munjal

Rikhil Nanda


Ruichen Ni

Ilse Novis

Moyosoreoluwa Odugbemi

Kendall Pollard

Kaavya Ramesh

Eva Roytburg

Rebecca Schwartz

Shixue (Sherlyn) Shao

Isaac E. Shon

Jamila Spears

Gavin Storch

Yingyi Tan

Hoang Minh Truong

Yishu Wang

Álvaro Vieira Gonçalves Vaz

Feiyu Xiang

Tyler Yamato-Chang

Bowen You (GY)

Boxi (Leon) Zhan

Tianqi Zhang

Jessie Zhu