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Economics: Payback of the Best Kind

An undergraduate degree in Economics leads to a great diversity of professional opportunities for those who wish to pursue graduate education as well as for those who want to enter the workforce immediately after college.

Economics Major Salaries

Emory Economics alumni report the following average salaries in their first job after graduation: 

Average Starting Salary: $69,009

Maximum Starting Salary: $120,000

Career Links

AfterCollege Economics Career Network

AfterCollege is the largest career network for college students and alumni. Top tier local and national employers like Chamberlin Edmonds, Edward Jones, Eli Lilly and Company and SNI Financial use AfterCollege to target their recruiting search by school and department.

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The Career Center

Career counselors assist students to clarify goals, assess personal abilities and values, and systematically explore academic major and career options. Campus recruiting, resume workshops, career counseling, job search strategies, internships, graduate school, etc.

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Internship Exchange

Interested in searching for internships from other schools within the United States?

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U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

This website provides useful information about economists and the job market. The tabs titled "What They Do" and "How to Become One" are especially informative.

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