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The Department of Economics and The Goizueta Business School are thrilled to announce a collaboration to support and enhance students’ interdisciplinary interests. The Department of Economics will allow Economics majors an additional degree of freedom in course selection. 

Effective January 2024, all students who are pursuing both a BBA degree and an ECON major may either count one approved ECON elective toward the required electives for the BBA degree OR one approved BBA elective toward the required electives for the ECON major. 

We are happy to provide our Econ majors with more options to complete the program. Students’ Degree Tracker pages will be updated to reflect this change in January 2024.  This means the change will take effect with students graduating in May 2024, and courses taken previously will be included retroactively. See list of approved electives below: 

Approved BBA electives

ACT 615 Federal Income Tax

ACT 616 Corporate and Partnership Taxation

FIN 321 Economics and Finance of Film

FIN 324 Sports Finance

FIN 389 Mergers and Acquisitions

FIN 420 Advanced Corporate Finance

FIN 426 Bank Management and Financial Services

FIN 428 Investment Banking

FIN 430 Foundations of FinTech

FIN 425 Real Estate Finance

ISOM 358 Advanced Decision Analytics

MKT 348 Sales and Business Development

MKT 443 Monetization and Pricing Strategy

OAM 436 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management

OAM 438 Management Consulting


Approved ECON electives

ECON 315 Economics and Psychology

ECON 330 Collective Bargaining and Public Policy

ECON 341 Business and Government

ECON 365 Environmental Economics and Policy

ECON 371 Health Economics

ECON 372 Health Care Markets

ECON 400 Managerial Economics

ECON 405 Industrial Organization

ECON 411 Money and Banking

ECON 423 Financial Econometrics

ECON 430 Labor Economics

ECON 431 International Trade

ECON 487 Game Theory and Economic Activity