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Sample of current faculty and student publications:

2022 Publications

advances in econometricsConditional Inference in Nearly Cointegrated Vector Error-Correction Models with Small Signal-to-Noise

Advances in Econometrics (forthcoming)

Elena Pesavento



American Economic Journal- Economic PolicyEffects of Maturing Private School Choice Programs on Public School Students

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (forthcoming)

Krzysztof Karbownik



American Economic Journal: MacroeconomicsThe Causal Effects of Lockdown Policies on Health and Macroeconomic Outcomes

American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics (forthcoming)

Juan Rubio-Ramirez



american-economic-reviewTrade with Correlation

American Economic Review

Nelson Lind




American Economic Review: InsightsGlobal Innovation and Knowledge Diffusion

American Economic Review: Insights (forthcoming)

Nelson Lind




American Journal of Health EconomicsThe Effects of State Scope of Practice Laws on the Labor Supply of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

American Journal of Health Economics 

Sara Markowitz



American Journal of Health EconomicsWho Pays in Pay-for-Performance? Evidence from Hospital Prices and Financial Penalties

American Journal of Health Economics (forthcoming)

Ian McCarthy



Asian Economic JournalAn Empirical Assessment of Collusion in the Negotiable Certificates of Deposit Market in Korea: A Discriminant Analysis 

Asian Economic Journal

Jung Jae Kim



EconometricaInference for Large-Scale Linear Systems with Known Coefficients


Zheng Fang



European Journal of FinanceBrexit Spillovers: How Economic Policy Uncertainty Affects Foreign Direct Investment and International Trade

European Journal of Finance 

Xue Wang



Games and Economic BehaviorAuctions with Flexible Information Acquisition

Games and Economics Behavior

Kyungmin (Teddy) Kim 




International Social Security Review

Financial Sustainability of Public Pensions in Cuba: The Impact of Aging, Structural Reforms, and the Economic Crisis

International Social Security Review

Carla Moreno



journal-applied-econometricsOil Prices Uncertainty, Endogenous Regime Switching, and Inflation Anchoring

Journal of Applied Econometrics (forthcoming)

Elena Pesavento



journal-of-development-economicsThe Short-lived Effects of Unconditional Cash Transfers to Refugees

Journal of Development Economics

Stephen O'Connell



journal of econometricsNonparametric Difference-in-Differences in Repeated Cross-Sections with Continuous Treatments

Journal of Econometrics

Stefan Hoderlein



journal of econometricsMacroeconomic Forecasting and Variable Ordering in Multivariate Stochastic Volatility Models

Journal of Econometrics

Juan Rubio-Ramirez



journal-of-economic-behavior-organizationZero-Ending Prices, Cognitive Convenience, and Price Rigidity

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (forthcoming)

Daniel Levy



Journal of Empirical FinanceLong-Horizon Stock Valuation and Return Forecasts Conditional on Demographic Projections

Journal of Empirical Finance

Elena Pesavento




Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

We Didn’t Start the Fire: Effects of a Natural Disaster on Consumers’ Financial Distress

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (forthcoming)

David Jacho-Chavez



Journal of FinanceThe Two-Pillar Policy for the RMB

Journal of Finance (forthcoming)

Bin Wei

Vivian (Zhanwei) Yue



Journal of FinanceMonetary Stimulus amidst the Infrastructure Investment Spree: Evidence from China’s Loan Level Data

Journal of Finance (forthcoming)

Kaiji Chen

Daniel Waggoner

Tao Zha

Journal of Financial StabilityEconomists in the 2008 Financial Crisis: Slow to See, Fast to Act

Journal of Financial Stability (forthcoming)

Daniel Levy



Journal of Financial StabilityHierarchical Contagions in the Interdependent Financial Network

Journal of Financial Stability

Xue (Yuki) Wang



journal-of-health-economicsThe Effects of Incentivizing Early Prenatal Care on Infant Health

Journal of Health Economics

Krzysztof Karbownik



Journal of Human ResourcesLifetime and Intergenerational Consequences of Poor Childhood Health

Journal of Human Resources (forthcoming)

Krzysztof Karbownik




Journal of Human ResourcesSetting a Good Example? Examining Sibling Spillovers in Educational Achievement Using a Regression Discontinuity Design

Journal of Human Resources (forthcoming)

Krzysztof Karbownik



Journal of Industrial EconomicsMultimarket Contact in Health Insurance: Evidence from Medicare Advantage

Journal of Industrial Economics (forthcoming)

Ian McCarthy



Journal of Industrial and Business EconomicsAn Econometric Identification of Abnormally Low Bids in the Procurement Market: Discriminant Analysis

Journal of Industrial and Business Economics 

Jung Jae Kim



Journal of International EconomicsSovereign Risk and Financial Risk

Journal of International Economics

Bin Wei

Vivian (Zhanwei) Yue


Journal of Political EconomyKeeping the Listener Engaged: a Dynamic Model of Bayesian Persuasion

Journal of Political Economy

Kyungmin (Teddy) Kim




Management ScienceThe Beta Anomaly and Mutual Fund Performance

Management Science (forthcoming)

Jeong-Ho (John) Kim



Management ScienceAdjusting to Rain Before it Falls

Management Science (forthcoming)

Nelson Lind



Medical Care Research and ReviewToward a Uniform Classification of Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice Laws

Medical Care Research and Review (forthcoming)

Sara Markowitz



Oxford Open EconomicsPotterian Economics

Oxford Open Economics

Daniel Levy



Political Science Research and MethodsExperience, Institutions, and Candidate Emergence: The Political Career Returns to State Legislative Service

Political Science Research and Methods

Stephen O'Connell



Prehospital and Disaster MedicineThe Annual Global Incidence Rate of Extreme Weather Event Disasters Appears Positively Correlated with World GDP, 1961–2020

Prehospital and Disaster Medicine

Tom Smith


The Quarterly Journal of EconomicsThe Evolution of Access to Public Accommodations in the United States

Quarterly Journal of Economics

Maggie Jones




Review of Economic StudiesThe Slaughter of the Bison and Reversal of Fortunes on the Great Plains

Review of Economic Studies (forthcoming)

Margaret (Maggie) Jones



American Association for the Advancement of Science's journal, Science Advances.International Trade and the Survival of Mammalian and Reptilian Species

Science Advances

Hugo Mialon



Statistics and Probability LettersEstimating Social Effects in a Multilayered Linear-in-Means Model with Network Data

Statistics & Probability Letters 

Alexandra Manta

David Jacho-Chávez


World Bank Economic ReviewClosing the Gender Gap in Leadership Positions

World Bank Economic Review (forthcoming)

Stephen O'Connell



The Collected Papers of Leonid Hurwicz: Volume 1 The Collected Papers of Leonid Hurwicz: Volume 1

Samiran (Shomu) Banerjee