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Please consider giving to the following funds to help support the Economics Department's initiatives and goals. Select the fund you wish to contribute to and click on "Give" at the bottom of the box.

We invite our alumni to connect with us on social media for news from the Economics department including student and faculty accomplishments, recent publications, and details about upcoming student events. 


Research and Teaching Fund

This fund plays a crucial role in strengthening the department by:

  • providing resources for core academic initiatives when university funding is inadequate
  • rewarding talented and hard-working students
  • inviting prominent scholars to our department to share their expertise with our faculty and students

Faculty Research and Department Initiatives

This fund supports faculty research initiatives and other special initiatives of the department.

Doctoral Program Support Fund

This fund helps current doctoral students in economics pursue their research interests and enhance their academic skills. It covers various expenses related to software, hardware, conferences, and other research activities that are not fully funded by the graduate school. It also supports students’ teaching and mentoring roles within the department.


W. Tate Whitman Prize in Economics

This award is for the ability to present clear, cogent analysis of complex issues, extraordinary personal integrity, and wise leadership in the classroom and department.

Jack and Lewis Greenhut Award

Given annually to a deserving undergraduate student for showing excellence in economics and promise for graduate studies.


Milton and Virginia Kafoglis Distinguished Lecture Series Fund

This fund allows us to bring Nobel Laureates and other high profile scholars to campus to benefit the entire community. This fund is open for additional contributions. Your contribution to this fund will enhance the department's ability to achieve eminence.

George Benston and Richard F. Muth Award

Given annually to a deserving undergraduate student for demonstrating intellectual curiosity, passion, and skill in economic analysis.