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Study Abroad

Emory College Study Abroad offers a wide array of programs for students, ranging from credit-bearing academic programs during the summer and semester, to research and intern opportunities.

LSE Summer Program

Program information here. Watch this video to learn more about our Summer Study Program at the London School of Economics:

LSE Summer Program Video

Department of Economics Rules for Studying Abroad

It is recommended that you declare your major/minor before you start the studying abroad process.

A maximum of two classes may be approved towards the major/minor in Economics.

No class taken abroad at a non-Economics department will be approved.

No class (that has not already been approved: Blanket Approval Database) will be approved to be the following equivalent to Intermediate Micro (Econ 201), Intermediate Macro (Econ 212), Introduction to Statistics (Econ 220), and any of the empirical courses (Econ 221, 320, 421, 422, or 423). Most course equivalences received are for 200- or 300-level courses that complete the elective requirements for the major.

No class taken abroad at a non-Economics department will be approved.

Exceptions are made for two cases only:

  1. The year-long program at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  2. The Economics at the LSE Summer Program

Emory students who want to receive Emory credit for courses taken at the LSE must apply to and be accepted for the year-long program at the LSE, or the 'Economics at the LSE Summer Program' here at Emory University first.

No Emory credit can be earned for courses taken at the LSE outside these two Emory-sanctioned programs.

Procedure for Study Abroad

  1. Step 1: Attend Going Global Advising Session

    Any student interested in applying to study abroad Fall and/or Spring semesters must first attend a Going Global Advising Session at the Office of International and Summer Programs (OISP). Students interested in Summer programs may visit the virtual front desk, Monday & Wednesday from 2pm-4pm and on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 10am-12pm.
  2. Step 2: Search Program Options

  3. Step 3: Apply

    Student can then apply/login here.
  4. Step 4: Obtain Necessary Approvals

    Course approvals must be obtained prior to departure (read the information here).

    1. You must complete the online Academic Advisor Approval Form here. Please note that all Economics majors should direct this form to Dr. David Jacho-Chavez ( and not to their major academic advisors.
    2. Scenario 1: If the courses you are interested in taking abroad have been blanket-approved, you do not have to seek approval for those particular courses; i.e., the course approval is automatic. However, you must complete the online Study Abroad Blanket Approval Form here.
    3. Scenario 2: If the courses you are interested in taking abroad have not been blanket-approved, you must complete the Study Abroad Course Approval Form here. Please enter as the e-mail for the faculty approver. Dr. David Jacho-Chavez will review your choices and determine (using Rules 1, 2, 3, and 4 explained in the previous section) if there is an Emory course equivalent and the type of credit to be earned (major, minor, or elective). Please note:
      • It is advised that you get approval for as many different Economics courses (see Rules 3 and 4 in previous section) that you may be interested in taking, but remember that only up to a maximum of two classes may be approved towards your major/minor in Economics (see Rule 2 above).
      • The department's assessment is final.