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Grant Information

The resources below are provided to encourage and facilitate grant writing in our department.

Advantages of Applying for Funding

  • Summer support
  • Course release
  • Acquisition of data and equipment
  • Travel expenses
  • Pay for research assistants
  • Support for graduate students

What do I need to know before applying for a grant?

  • Learn about the in-workings of the funding agency
  • Remember that the funding agency has an interest in funding good research. If you have questions about the fit of your proposal, do not hesitate to contact the funding agency's program director
  • Learn how to prevent common mistakes
  • Get support from your mentor and colleagues
  • Learn about how your institution can help

Grant Writing Guidelines in the Social and Behavioral Sciences by Timothy Smeeding (PDF)

  • This document provides a concise set of advice for writing grants.

How to Get National Science Foundation (NSF) Funding in Economics

  • This website provides information about the NSF's Economics program, such as number and percentage of applications being funded, deadlines, how to submit applications, and how applications are reviewed. The website also contains advice about how to write a proposal.
Some interesting facts:
  • Over the last five years, between 20-30 percent of the proposals submitted to the National Science Foundation were funded.
  • The deadlines for proposal submission are: January 18 and August 18.
  • The average size of an award is about $75,000 per year (including indirect costs). The typical duration is three years.