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First Year Requirements

Required Coursework

  • Econ 600: Microeconomic Theory I
  • Econ 601: Microeconomic Theory II
  • Econ 610: Macroeconomic Theory I
  • Econ 611: Macroeconomic Theory II
  • Econ 620: Probability Theory and Statistical Inference
  • Econ 621: Econometric Methods I 
  • Econ 526: Quantitative Methods I (waived for students with a strong mathematical background as determined by an evaluation of prior coursework)
  • Econ 626: Quantitative Methods II

Jones Program in Ethics (JPE)

Complete 6 hour core seminar (JPE 600) in scholarly integrity. Typically done in August (at the end of the first year). 

Complete first year mastery requirement

Pass the first year mastery requirement by taking core examinations in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Probability and Statistics/Econometrics which are administered in the summer after the first year of the program.