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Second Year Requirements

Required Coursework

  • Econ 622: Econometric Methods II

Elective Coursework

Pass at least 5 elective courses at the PhD level (500, 600 or 700 level) taken during 2nd and 3rd years.

  • Elective courses must be 3 or 4 credit hours and taken for a letter grade. At least three elective courses must be in one of the focus areas of the department. At least three elective courses must be taken from amongst the department elective offerings. Other elective courses may be taken from other departments within Emory, or at other universities, with prior approval of the Director of Graduate Studies.

Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity program (TATTO)

Begin TATTO sequence to demonstrate teaching and communication proficiency.

  • Econ 693: Teaching Economics
  • TATTO 600: 2-day Laney Graduate School Workshop

Jones Program in Ethics (JPE)

Complete JPE sequence that includes 6 hours of training in program-based ethics material and attendance at public topical workshops, training sessions, or lectures as part of the Jones Program in Ethics (minimum of 4 before graduation).

Dissertation Workshop

  • Regularly attend the Dissertation Workshop (Econ 791). A grade of "S" must be received for four semesters (taken in 2nd and 3rd years).
  • Students are required to attend all seminars in their focus area, as well as department-wide seminars, and are highly encouraged to attend other seminars offered by the department.