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2022 Honors Graduates

The Department of Economics is pleased to announce the following Honors graduates. These graduates have distinguished themselves academically and have demonstrated a desire to further their intellectual dialogue through original research in the field of Economics.

2022 Honors Graduates

Hailey Ahn

Committee: Nels Lind, Hugo Mialon, Maria Arbatskaya

Title of Thesis:  News Shocks in Olympics Bidding

Daryl Chan

Committee: Stephen O'Connell, Paloma MoyanoMiguel Rueda (Political Science)

Title of Thesis:  The $900 Billion Paycheck Protection Program: Can a Self-Targeted Relief Program Achieve Optimal Allocation?

Roger Chen

Angela Choksi

Committee: Stephen O'Connell, Holli A. Semetko (Political Science)

Title of Thesis:  The Impact of Demographic Differences on Consumer Preferences for Public Versus Private Health Insurance in California

Raoul Dubey

Committee: Stephen O'Connell, Sonal Nalkur (Sociology), Paloma Moyano

Title of Thesis:  A microeconomic analysis of the determinants and effects of economic migration in India

Albert Liu

Committee: Kelli Lanier, Maria ArbatskayaSara Valencia Botto (Psychology), Krzysztof KarbownikHo Jin Kim (QTM)

Title of Thesis:  Economic conformity: eliciting conformity in a public goods game

Tanushree Pendharkar

Committee:  Kelli LanierShomu Banerjee, Sara Valencia Botto (Psychology)

Title of Thesis:  Willingness-to-Pay for 'Sustainable' Fashion: The Effects of Information

Hao Chen (Rocky) Rui

Committee: Jeong-Ho (John) Kim, Kaiji Chen, Stephen O'Connell

Title of Thesis:  Introducing ESG into Characteristic-Based Benchmark Returns

Naomi Santiago

Committee: Blake Allison, Melvin AyoguRoy Black (Finance)

Title of Thesis: The Effects of Natural Disasters on Local Economies: A Study of Florida Counties

Minjeong Seok

Committee: David McMillon, Shomu Banerjee, Bree Ettinger (Mathematics)

Title of Thesis:  Measuring Calibrated Diversity Index

Nicholas Skelley

Committee: Kelli LanierStephen O'Connell, Weihua An (Sociology, QTM)

Title of Thesis:  Comparing experimental loss framing methods in a multi-leveled lying context

Andrew Taber

Committee: Krzysztof KarbownikJeong-Ho (John) KimAlexander Bolton (Political Science)

Title of Thesis:  The Effects of Racial Equity Pledge Making on Firms' Stock Valuation

Enoch (Yinuo) Tang

Committee: Kaiji Chen, Jeong-Ho (John) Kim, Mi Luo

Title of Thesis: Understanding Housing Market Boom During COVID-19: Distributional Effect on Housing Demand Among Income Groups

Aditya Venkataramani

Committee: Evan Saltzman, Ian McCarthyTom Smith (Finance)

Title of Thesis:  The Effect of Workplace Injury on Player Valuation in the National Basketball Association