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Graduating Student Leadership

We extend our best wishes to the

Economics Student Leadership in the Class of 2021

Emory Economics Student Society

Graduating Student Leadership

from Emory Economics Student Society

Economics Student SocietyThe Emory Economics Student Society (ESS) is a student-run organization supported by the Economics department that is dedicated to promoting a multidisciplinary approach to Economics. ESS welcomes students of ALL majors!

Kalina Machado

Kalina MachadoKalina Machado is a graduating senior with a major in economics and a concentration in health. Coming from Brazil, she arrived at Emory with one concept of what the healthcare and insurance systems are like. But the healthcare-related courses offered by the Economics department opened her mind to this fascinating portion of the economy that operates so differently compared to where she is from. To share this interdisciplinary approach of the major, she works on the board of the Economics Student Society (ESS) promoting discussions and networking events with professionals, alumni, and the student body. Kalina is also a member of Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE), the national economics honor society.

Omicron Delta Epsilon

Graduating Student Leadership

from Omicron Delta Epsilon

ODE-150x150Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE) is a prestigious national economics honor society to promote excellence in economics by recognizing outstanding achievements and by encouraging professional exchange among students, and faculty.

Danielle Handel

Danielle Handel  Danielle Handel is an honors graduate studying economics and mathematics. Her research interests are in the economics of health, education, labor, and housing, especially as each relates to social inequities. She plans on pursuing graduate study in economics and contributing to the development of equitable, data-driven economic policy. When not playing with data, she is dancing, reading, or eating popsicles. 

After graduation, Danielle will enter a pre-doctoral fellowship in applied microeconomics at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research in July.

Most Cherished ODE Moment
Advice for Future Economics Students
I will leave Emory always remembering my discussion group in my honors thesis seminar. It was so empowering to discuss economics with four women every week, and everyone was endlessly encouraging in helping each other craft our best research questions. I loved being able to talk through what issues excite me with a diverse and incredibly intelligent group of women. To any aspiring economists, the best advice I can give is to not be afraid to engage with your professors, even if you feel like you don't know what you are doing. My most valuable experience came from outside of the classroom, working with professors on side projects or attending seminars at Emory and trying to understand the questions people were asking. If you are excited about economics, every professor at Emory will be so willing to help you learn and grow outside of the classroom. 

Karoline Lin

Karoline LinKaroline graduated in Fall 2020 with a double major in economics and quantitative sciences. Through her courses at Emory and her internship experiences, she has built a passion for data science because it allows her to bridge her business foundation with her analytical skills. She is also interested in economic analyses and is currently leading a team of research assistants at Emory. Outside of work, you can find her playing volleyball, making glass art, or traveling. Fun fact: She's traveled to 10 countries in the past 3 years! Karoline is currently a Data Analyst at Red Ventures.

Emory Economics Review

Graduating Student Leadership

from Emory Economics Review

EER-150x150The mission of the Emory Economics Review (EER) is to provide an open platform for Emory students to learn about and freely discuss opinions surrounding different areas of Economics. EER encourages participation from Emory students, faculty, and the community.

Tong Tong Chan

Tong Tong Chan.jpgCongratulations to Tong Tong Chan on her graduation from Emory!




Most Cherished EER Moment
Advice for Future Economics Students
Having the chance to meet and get support for founding Emory Economics Review from everyone at the Econ Department. EER would not be successful if it wasn’t for the great support from the faculty!  Stay curious and always look for opportunities to learn more.

Grace Kang

Grace Kang.jpgGrace Kang is a founding member of EER and served as its co-president. She left the co-presidency to complete Emory's 4+1 Masters in Professional Accounting (MPA) program.



Most Cherished EER Moment
Advice for Future Economics Students
My most cherished Economics-related memory is when EER published its first digital magazine in Spring 2020. Ethan, Tong Tong, and I started EER in 2018 with the mere idea of making economics more accessible and understandable, and it was definitely not easy to translate it into action. Thus, having our very own publication was an incredibly meaningful and exciting milestone we were able to reach.  Keep your mind open, and don’t be afraid of exploring classes outside of your major. You never know what new passion you will discover or what connections you can make. Also, Emory has so many resources available for students, so I strongly recommend that you take advantage of them. Be sure to reach out to your professors, advisors, and upperclassmen when you need help or advice! 

Haejin Kang

Haejin Kang.jpgCongratulations to Haejin Kang on her graduation from Emory!




Most Cherished EER Moment
Advice for Future Economics Students
I am extremely proud of all that Emory Economics Review (EER) has accomplished, from establishing its own website to publishing its semesterly digital magazines. It is such a great experience to be a part of a process that enables students, like myself, to express their opinions on current economic events and showcase their interests through their work. Outside of this, I enjoyed our dinner socials prior to COVID-19 since they were opportunities to get to know team members on a more personal level. In the future, I hope EER continues to implement these gatherings!  Take advantage of the resources that Emory has to offer and don't be afraid to go after what truly makes you happy. If you experience doubts or are unsure of what opportunities are out there, reach out to your professors, advisors, upperclassmen, and peers because they are always happy to help. Finally, be strategic in how you plan your undergraduate years and be open-minded in the opportunities you seek. When I was a freshman, I thought I was going to major in Neuroscience. Now, I am about to graduate with a degree in Business Administration and will be working as a healthcare consultant for Cloudmed. Obviously, a lot can change in four years, but that's okay. What's most important is that you take initiative and pursue what truly interests you. 

Ethan Kim

Ethan Kim.jpgCongratulations to Ethan Kim on his graduation from Emory!




Most Cherished EER Moment
Advice for Future Economics Students
My favorite economics-related memory on campus was when EER published our first bi-annual report on our website. It took a lot of people's collaborative effort to create a well-designed, thoughtful, and convincing collection of articles.  My advice to the current and future economics students is to try to apply the concepts you learn from class into the real world situations. Have your own opinion on the economy and express your ideas somewhere. This will help you understand the state of the economy and keep yourself updated everyday.