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2018 Battle of the Fields

The 3rd Annual Battle of the Fields and Economics Department Family Picnic took place Saturday April 28, 2018, on a wonderful sunny day with mild temperatures.

Game Highlights

The Teams

The Macro/Econometrics Team was coached by Tao Zha and managed by Kaiji Chen.

The Micro/Health team was coached by Kaylyn Sanbower and managed by Hugo Mialon.

John Latting refereed the game.

The Game

Micro scored the first goal half-way through the first half on a long shot by Hashem Dezhbakhsh. A few minutes later, Hugo scored the second goal for Micro on a backward header pass by Helen Latting. The first half ended with these two goals. Micro increased its lead to 3 when Ian McCarthy scored with a diving header on a long center by Hashem. But the Macro was just about to start its impressive come-back.

Muzi Ginindza, on a quick counter-attack and despite being marked by two defenders, fired a fast ball that could not be controlled by the goalie, scoring the Macro’s first goal. A few minutes later, Macro received an indirect kick that was taken by Muzi, the defense returned the ball, but Muzi’s second shot on return kissed the net, changing the score to 3-2. Only a minute later, a three-way passing between Hugo, Helen, and Hashem was fired into the goal by Helen and the score changed to 4-2. A few minutes later Hugo scored a beautiful goal from a distance to increase the lead to 5-2.

However, Macro was not about to give up. Under pressure from Coach Tao, they scored two goals in a matter of a few minutes: first by Muzi, who dribbled through four players to put the ball into the net from a closed angle, and then by Bin Wei, who sent a skillful curved ball passed the goalie and into the net.  John’s whistle saved the day for Micro who raised the third Battle of the Fields Trophy, making the historical tally two for them and one for Macro.