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2019 Battle of the Fields

The 4th Annual Battle of the Fields took place during the Economics Department Picnic in Kaminsky Park Soccer Field on Saturday, April 27, 2019, at 10:00 AM. 


video highlights  |  2019 Battle of the Fields

Game Highlights

The Teams

The Macro/Econometrics team (in blue) faced the Micro/Health team (in white) for an exciting showdown on a gorgeous sunny day with mild temperatures. The Macro/Econometrics team was coached by Juan Rubio-Ramirez in the absence of Coach Tao Zha.

The Micro/Health team was coached by Len Carlson in the absence of Coach Sara Markowitz. The team managers were, respectively, Kaiji Chen and Hugo Mialon.

The referee was John Latting.

The Game

Coach Rubio-Ramirez had arranged his team for a more defensive game to offset pressure by the Micro team, which seemed to be in control of the play during the first 20 minutes. Two yellow cards were the outcome for Macro, but they managed to keep Micro at bay. In fact, it was Macro that scored first on a skillful dribble and sudden shot by graduate student Matteo Bondesan. The first half ended 1-0.

The second half brought a faster paced game, with Micro players eager to equalize the scores while Macro was trying to manage the game. Ten minutes into the second half, Matteo used a quick back-and-forth pass with Dezhbakhsh to send a low-flying but powerful ball from the corner line toward the center of the Micro goal box. The ball was diverted by the Micro defense and placed into the back of its own net. The score was now 2-0 for Macro.

The Micro team intensified the pressure with many attacks that were often diverted by the Macro's solid defense and goalie. Hugo Mialon's leadership was quite fruitful as the pressure increased. On a multiple shot on the goal, with Hugo's flip hitting the post and Ben's direct shot being barely returned by Wisdom, Maxim then aimed toward the near post and his ball successfully touched the net bringing much joy to Micro and hope for equalizing the game. The score was now 2-1 for Macro.

The Micro hopes were dashed a few minutes later, when Matteo scored on a set piece from outside the box and made the score 3-1 in favor of Macro. Despite a few more attempts, Micro could not score and the game ended 3-1, bringing the four years' Battle tally to two for micro and two for macro.